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the pastor's wife has a secret...

A feature film (comedy, drama) inspired by the real life of celebrated sexologist Dr. Marilyn K. Volker, and her journey from pastor's wife to sex surrogate partner.

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About the movie

Quirky housewife Alina suspects her pastor husband is having an affair. Despite multiple attempts, she can't re-ignite their spark. Everything changes when she meets Dr. Marilyn Volker, host of the "Sex With Marilyn" talk show. While attending Marilyn's sexology program to help fix her relationship, Alina discovers her true calling and chooses to risk her marriage, her church and her community, to secretly coach clients in intimacy...and sex!

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Who are sex surrogate partners?

Trained and highly supervised professionals who utilize reciprocal touch and intimacy/sexual strategies to help clients work through personal sex and intimacy challenges.    

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Project summary

Logline: While secretly studying sexology to help her marriage, a pastor's wife discovers her calling, risking everything to become a sex surrogate partner.

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Format: Feature Film

Estimated Budget: $3M - $5M (talent dependent)

Estimated Schedule: 8 months

Tone: Sunshine cleaners meets 40 Year Old Virgin in this heartfelt comedy about intimacy, therapy, and a marriage falling apart.

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